Thursday, April 14, 2005

Blogging for Profits- Triple Your Google Adsense or Searchfeed Profits With This Powerful New Blogging Tool From Blog Burner

Powerful new blogging tool helps any web site no matter how small or large get search engine listed and indexed within days automatically. Turn any blog into a profitable niche that you can duplicate over and over again while tripling your Google Adsense or Searchfeed ad sharing profits.

(PRWEB) January 31, 2005 -- Are you currently blogging? Do you ping your blog to the blog directories to announce your updates? Do you also include hyper-linked text of relevant keywords back to your main web site? Then, do you manually submit each page individually of your web site to the major search engines for inclusion?

If you do, then you're on the way to getting your site listed into the search engines fast. Once listed, you can then start earning some extra money from the affiliate programs you may be promoting, or from ad sharing revenue programs like Google Adsense or

If you haven't heard yet, blogging and pinging is rapidly becoming the preferred method of getting your site indexed fast and free into Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. Visit any seo forum and see for yourself that blogging is currently a hot topic.

How to properly blog and your ping your site though can make a tremendous difference in how much profit potential you see coming in from this method. Done correctly you will begin to see your Google Adsense and Searchfeed revenues increase dramatically.

To find out more how to use blogging and pinging to your advantage and to receive a free video on a Google Adsense case-study visit: .

Now what if you could create thousands of niche pages on any subject… and then be able to blog and ping each of these sites… and then within days having these pages getting indexed by all the major search engines.

How much then would you think your Adsense or Searchfeed revenue would increase? Two-fold, three-fold, or thousand-fold? Remember, each and every optimized niche related page would be blogged, pinged, search engine submitted and then indexed.

Well now you can put the whole process on auto-pilot with a new software product developed by Jonathan Leger, a seasoned web developer who loved the concept of blogging and pinging his web sites but soon found the process of too tedious and time consuming.

He developed his process, Blog Burner to automate all the steps to blogging and pinging so that you can get your site listed and indexed quickly into all the search engines. What is amazing is that it works great with other software programs like Traffic Equalizer, Number One Position, Smart Pages, Traffic Hurricane or any other type of page generator program.

Once you had added these pages to your web site in the past you would have normally waited weeks, if not months to get all your pages listed in the search engines. Wasting precious time that could be making you money with your affiliate promotions, or ad revenue sharing programs.

With Blog Burner it doesn't matter if you have ten pages, 100 pages, or even 50,000 pages for your web site. Blog Burner will blog them, ping them, then submit them to the search engines for fast inclusion. Finally stop paying high fees to SEO firms or inclusion fees as this does it all for you without any additional charges.

Since Blog Burner does this automatically you can then spend more time doing what is important and that is creating additional profitable niche sites that can also be blogged, pinged, listed, and then indexed for even more extra income.

Create 5, 10, or even hundreds of these niche sites and you're on your way to generating your own mini-profit centers.

So if you're ready to go blogging for profits and want to rev-up your earning potential with your affiliate programs, Google Adsense or revenue sharing programs and you want to do it on auto-pilot then Blog Burner may just be what you are looking for.

To learn more about what Blog Burner can do to dramatically improve your web sites earning potential visit:

About the author:
Ted Kushner researches and reports on a wide variety of consumer information topics including, health, finances, and web-site promotion topics and tools.

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Ted Kushner


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