Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Get Quality Traffic And More Clicks At Your Google Adsense Site

Keen Google Adsense affiliates will quickly notice that not all traffic they receive at their Adsense site is click-happy traffic.

There will be times when a very high percentage of the traffic received at the Google affiliate site will end up clicking on the Adsense ads displayed.

There will be other times when hardly a soul will click on any of the ads.Closer examination will usually reveal a fascinating and yet obvious fact. And that is the more tightly targeted the traffic, the more clicks you will tend to receive.

This simply means that it is very possible to receive a fraction of the traffic that another site receives, but simply because of how tightly targeted your traffic is, you could easily end up receiving many more clicks and much higher Adsense earnings.

There are even cases where the other site may have three or four times the kind of traffic that your site has and yet you will enjoy more clicks and much higher Adsense earnings.This clearly illustrates the fact that many webmasters and blog owners quite often end up receiving a large percentage of curious rather than interested visitors.

In a way this cannot be avoided because most search terms will hardly produce results that are anywhere near 100 per cent accurate. In fact search results and the improvement of search results is at the center of the current fierce and ongoing battle between leading search engines.While curiosity is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to get visitors to click more at your Google affiliate Adsense ads ads this strategy will hardly work when a vast majority of the visitors you attract to your site are not really interested in the subject at hand.

Yet many webmasters keen on receiving high traffic for the sake of high traffic have often used tactics that tend to trick people to make their way to their sites. This strategy hardly makes sense and the Google affiliate Adsense program illustrates this fact rather brutally.So how does a Google affiliate site attract highly targeted traffic?

It is important that before even embarking on the mission of attracting targeted traffic, that you ensure that your site or blog is tightly targeted at a certain audience and that your content clearly reflects this. This is the only way that you will be able to attract the sort of Adsense ads that will be of interest to your visitors. A common mistake with many is to have a site that is just too general which also attracts Adsense ads that are too general

.One of the most effective ways of ensuring or guaranteeing targeted traffic to your site or blog is to give your visitors a sneak preview of your contents. Let them read sample articles of what they will find at your site. The way to do this is to distribute your articles to high traffic article directories and sites. These sites will publish your articles free and will also include your resource box at the bottom which will give details about you complete with the url to your site or blog.

Some folks will read your article and not visit your site. Which is okay because what should really matter to you is receiving targeted traffic. Actually only a small fraction of the people who read your article will end up at your site, but the good news is that the people who do end up at your site will be very interested in what you have to offer and will tend to spend a long time at your site.

This is the sort of traffic that any webmaster or blog owner would easily kill for.Of course there are other factors that are important for you to achieve success here. For example your content will have to be very well written. This need not be expensive if you are hiring an online writer as we have various low cost options that will give you quality content.

Whatever you need to do will be well worth the effort because using this method, the visitors whom you end up with at your site will tend to continually and perpetually click at your Adsense ads. Causing your Adsense earnings to rise steeply. Which is exactly what you want to happen. But then there is plenty more you can do to increase your volume of visitors and ultimately the clicks at your sites and your Adsense revenue.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Christopher_Kyalo


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